Nightwish - Beauty of the Beast // LONG LOST LOVE

Trees habe dropped their leaves, Clouds their waters.
All this burden is killing me.
Distance is covering your way. Tears your memory.
All this beauty is killing me.

Oh, do you care, I still feel for you.
So aware, what should be lost is there.

I fear I will never find anyone.
I know my greatest pain is yet to come.
Will we find each other in the dark.
My long lost love.

Nightwish - Ever Dream

Ever felt away with me.
Just once that all I need.
Entwined finding you one day.
Ever felt away without me.
My love, it lies so deep.
Ever dream of me.

Would you do it with me.
Heal the scars, and change the stars.
Would you do it for me.
Turn loose the heaven within.
I'd take you away.
Castaway on a lonely day.
Bosom for a teary cheek.
My song can but borrow your grace.

Come out, come out wherever you are.
So lost, in your sea.
Give in, give in for my touch.
For my taste for my luste.

Your beauty escaded on me.
In this white night fantasy.

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